Laser Blended Vision treatment against reading glasses

The long-awaited solution has been born for those who are required to wear reading glasses for reading, writing and near vision.

Elderly couple reading a blueprint

In the past 25 years, laser eye correction has only been able to help people who wear glasses or contact lenses for distance vision. It has not been able to provide a solution for those who, with years passing by, gradually lose the ability to see near things clearly, and need reading glasses to see the display of their phones, or the fine print in newspapers.

The development of laser technology has now given us with the opportunity to free our patients from having to wear reading glasses, and provide them with clear distance and near vision, even if their age require them to use reading glasses.

Thanks to this new procedure, you can read fine print even if you are older than 50, and you do not have wear glases for distance vision either.

From the patient's viewpoint, the treatment is no different from the known and proven IntraLASIK (femtoLASIK) treatment. This procedure is also painless, after the treatment, the patient can immediately enjoy clear vision, no lengthy home rest is required: usually, regular work can be started again after 1 or 2 days.

In Hungary, laser blended vision treatment was first used by Focus Medical. Focus Medical has performed more than 25 000 successful distance vision correction treatments over the past 15 years. 10 years ago, for the maximum safety and convenience of its patients, Focus Medical was the first to introduce the Intralasik (femtolasik) technology. Having this enormous experience and a technical background that is excellent even by European standards, is what made it possible for Focus Medical to introduce the laser treatment for reading glasses as well. This foundation, which is extraordinary even by European standards, makes it possible for the Clinic to meet expectations and properly select those patients who will benefit optimally from this new procedure.