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The eye, when young, is just like a good camera: it is able to create a sharp image of both far and near objects. This is done by the lens of the eye becoming more convex, when focusing on nearby objects, and a sharp image is created. This ability diminishes entirely between the ages of 45 and 55. First, we try to hold the things we read further away, then we have to start wearing reading (and maybe other) glasses. For clear distance vision, reading glasses have to be removed, and put back on, if we want to focus on something near again.

Very expensive multifocal glasses provide the user with both distant and near correction, but some people can never get used to wearing them.

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Similarly, laser procedures trying to create a multifocal cornea have the same problem, only the situation is a lot more complicated, because once a cornea that has been turned multifocal cannot be "taken off", like a bad pair of glasses. Many attempts have been made over the past few years, but procedures adjusting both eyes for both distance and near vision have not worked out.

Solution should not only be sought on the surface of the eye: a special skill of the human brain should also be used. The human brain is able to perfectly morph two images into one, if there is only a slight difference between the two. The thought is nothing new: the procedure, where one eye is adjusted for near vision, and the other eye for distance vision, has been known for a long time. This is called monovision: seeing with one eye. When a combination of the two methods is used, only a minimal adjustment is made on both eyes, but the synthesizing ability of the brain is also used. So the procedure is free from the problems of both the multifocal cornea and classic monovision.

The goal of the eligibility examination is to determine if the reading glasses laser treatment is suitable for you to provide you with clear vision both near and far.

The fee for the eligibility examination of the laser blended vision treatment is 25 000 HUF. If you complete the test below before you schedule an examination, and you are eligible, the eligibility examination will be provided for only 10 000 HUF (33 EUR)!

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You may schedule an examination at this phone number: +36 1 450-3333.