Schedule an examination

When you schedule an examination, our assistants will ask you the following questions:

  • Can you see distant things well without glasses or contact lenses?
  • If not, what is the diopter strength of your glasses?
  • Do you use glasses for reading, and what is its diopter strength?
  • If you put your reading glasses on, can you see the fine print in newspapers well?
  • Have you ever had any eye disease?
  • Do you take any drugs regularly, and if yes, what disease do you take them for?

Please collect all data about your glasses, because without them, we cannot decide if the eligibility examination should be performed.

The fee for the eligibility examination of the laser reading glasses treatment is 25 000 HUF. If you complete the test below before you schedule an examination, and you are eligible, the eligibility examination will be provided for only 10 000 HUF (33 EUR)!

Complete the test

You may schedule an examination at this phone number: +36 1 450-3333.