What are the steps of laser blended vision treatment?

The first step is a very thorough, detailed eye examination

We accurately assess the status of the eye, and we evaluate if there is any medical contraindication against the correction treatment.

At the end of the examination, patients are told in detail what we, based on our experiences so far, expect. We will only perform the treatment, if we are sure that patients will be satisfied with the result we can achieve. An integral part of the examination is a discussion with our ophthalmologist, which involves having all your questions answered in detail.

Appointments for examinations are made individually for each patient. The examination takes about 2 hours, and is completely painless.

After the detailed eye examination, the laser treatment can be performed no sooner than the day after, and no later than within 3 months.

The second step is the laser vision correction itself

The treatment is performed after the eye is locally anesthetized with eye drops. You should not expect to feel any pain during the correction treatment. The procedure takes 8 to 10 minutes altogether, and the vision improvement can be experienced immediately afterwards.

The treatment is entirely computer-controlled, the operating ophthalmologist and the clinical engineer primarily supervise the operation of the laser devices.

Laser vision correction is an outpatient procedure, patients can leave the clinic immediately afterwards.

After the surgery, patients are expected to return for follow-up evaluations; these are very short evaluations, which take only a few minutes.