Since our amount of experience is so large, even by international standards, and since our advanced euqipment is unmatched in Hungary, we will give you a written WARRANTY for our treatments.

Based on our experiences, we will assess the expected extent of the improvement of your visual acuity at the first exam, and you will get a written copy of this examination. We will tell you in advance how many diopters your vision will improve, and what level of visual acuity we can achieve, if your body reacts to the treatment the usual way.

There is only one factor, which, even after thousands of treatments and using the most advanced technology, cannot be predicted: the healing process may be potentially different than usual. This individual reaction means that cells try too hard to reconstruct the original (defective) shape of the cornea. The rate of improvement may be less than expected, if these cells are overactive. This individual reaction is usually considered by medical science to be a patient-related risk.

But as a part of FOCUS MEDICAL's medical warranty, we take on this risk: our medical warranty covers you, if your vision improves less than what we predict.

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